Education ..

RMTS - MB members are graduates of licensed Schools of Massage Therapy in Manitoba that are registered with the Province of Manitoba Advanced Education - Private Vocational Institutions  and who offer two or three year programs of study that require a minimum of 2200 hours of study and examination prior to graduation.

At present the RMTS-MB recognizes three schools in Manitoba:

Note: The RMTS-MB also recognizes graduates of Professional Institute of Massage Therapy that operated in Manitoba from 1994 until 2010. This School was registered with the department of Advanced Education - Private Vocational Institutes and provided education equivalent to 2200 hours of instruction. 

Curriculum  has been developed by these schools to support the "National Competencies" established for the profession by the 'Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FOMTRAC). Known as the Inter-jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators (Copy Here) 

Continuing Competency/Education:

The RMTS - MB has adopted a three Year – Self Assessment cycle for its members . Member audits will be conducted following completion of the first three year cycle. (2021) The RMTS-MB will initially emphasize  programs which provide members with education related to the principles of ‘Health Profession Self-Assessment’ concepts which are anticipated to become part of the new Regulatory College in Manitoba.  Members will be encouraged to determine their professional relationship with the 'National Competencies' for the profession to 'self assess' their strengths and weaknesses in each competency. The RMT will then be expected to improve any weaknesses by education that will assist in achieving the national standard.  ​