Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Garry Melnyk, RMT

20+ years of practising Massage Therapy; founder and current president of RMTSMB, Merit Award recipient for outstanding contributions to the profession

I like to work with patients with complex musculoskeletal symptoms and love advancing patients toward positive functional changes. I founded RMTSMB because I enjoy politics and working as an advocate for Massage Therapists. I’m committed to continuing competencies and the accreditation of schools and legislation of the profession leading to the creation of a Massage Therapy College. I hope I can inspire others to defend patients’ wellbeing and secure Massage Therapists as healthcare professionals.

Word of Wisdom

Be the change you wish to see in the world. —Mahatma Gandhi 

Leanne Olfert, RMT

RMT for 16 years; office manager at Henderson Massage Health and Wellness Centre; self-employed mobile Massage Therapist

As an RMT, my passion is customer service and helping people. I also enjoy helping people by serving as a Board member. I’ve been involved in and dealt with many situations and issues with insurance companies and the inner workings of running a massage therapy business. Through this, I’ve gained organization and problem-solving skills, which I bring to the table.

Wendy Gambrel, RMT

Owner of Aruba Massage Therapy Clinic; 20+ years working as a self-employed Massage Therapist; graduate of Wellington College

My clients are amazing. Alleviating their aches, pains and stress while enhancing their physical, mental and emotional health in a drug free environment is what I love about being an RMT. ‘Your health is your wealth.’

I enjoy supporting co-workers and mentoring other therapists to help them flourish and run their own massage businesses. I joined RMTSMB in the early development when we had just four members and the vision of ‘build it and they will come!’ I enjoy being part of the growth and development of the Board and Association as we work to nourish and bring forth the careers of massage therapy!

Word of Wisdom

Take the path forward, one step at a time. Take time to communicate and listen with an open heart.

Audra Holyk, RMT 

20+ years of practising Massage Therapy; 10+ years as a contract worker in a chiropractic clinic; working mobile since 2010

Massage Therapy has allowed me to help people with pain and stress achieve an overall feeling of wellbeing without the use of pharmaceuticals. I believe that RMTSMB has an important mission to help Massage Therapists gain the recognition they deserve as healthcare providers. I strive to be a voice for Massage Therapists who don’t work in a clinic setting but working independently with limited contact with their peers.   

Word of Wisdom

Support each other and don’t allow other healthcare professionals to belittle what Massage Therapy adds to an individual’s health.  

Robert Price-Lewis, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist of eight years; two years as a massage therapy instructor; co-owner and operator of ROKA Massage & Wellness in Stonewall, Manitoba

Every client who walks through my door is hoping to leave feeling better than when they arrived. My job is to make that happen. I have invested my time and energy into my clients’ wellbeing, and they have reciprocated their gratitude by coming back for more. This is very rewarding to me.

As an instructor, I witnessed my students choosing a variety of paths within massage once they graduated. RMTs don’t all fit into the same box. We need to find areas that excite us and develop them to become the most successful therapists we can. RMTSMB doesn’t force its members to take continuing education courses as part of its membership. Rather, it empowers us to remain current and develop our skills sets. This attracted me to the Association.

I joined the Board because I wanted my say. It made sense that I should involve myself in discussions and decisions that influence my career.

Being in this privileged position has allowed me to have a voice for the benefit of its members.

I came into massage therapy later in life, following careers in education, communication, and logistics. The skills I gained helped me develop my brand, and are useful in my position as a Director with RMTSMB.

Word of Wisdom

Set boundaries and listen to your body. Self-care is essential for longevity.

Dave Ferguson

I enjoy and appreciate being part of an active, growing membership working toward a worthy goal. I question things… a lot (despite most of my family being in the military, I would not have lasted there myself!). I bring a new perspective to the Board, and a different perspective—from a consumer, not a provider. If members are questioning something and would like the perspective of an ‘outsider,’ let me know.

Fast Fact

I could talk about, listen to, and play music all day.

Executive Director

Pamela Gregoire

Pamela Gregoire, RMT

20+ years Self Employed actively practising Massage Therapy in multiple therapeutic environments.

As an RMT, I love the autonomy of my schedule and the flexibly it provides to ensure work-life balance. I want the same for all RMTs. I’m organized and task-oriented by nature. My job as Executive Director of RMTSMB allows me to put those skills to work. I take pride in providing honest support to upcoming and practising Massage Therapists, working to help create opportunities to ensure our profession grows with recognition.

Fast Fact

I cannot whistle.

Regulation Consultant

George Fraser, TBD

Has retired from his Executive Director duties but will continue to provide Government and Regulation Consultation.

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