Manitoba’s Most Affordable Association for RMTs

We are proud to offer members the lowest membership fee in the province—no administrative fees, and no mandatory continuing education and associated fees.

Professional and General Liability Insurance

The RMTSMB links members to Western Canada’s most comprehensive Professional and General Liability insurance coverage—competitively priced!

Marketing the Profession and Members

We market the benefits of Massage Therapy and promote members through our website, social media, newsletter, public and media relations, and virtual and live events.

Provider Status with Third-Party Insurers

Membership with the RMTSMB gives you ‘Provider’ status with Canada’s top providers of employee benefits—many allow direct billing so that your insured clients don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Professional Development Resources

The RMTSMB has no mandatory continuing education. We are here to point you in the right direction when you are looking for quality, affordable professional development resources, courses, workshops, and tools to meet your professional development needs.

Advocacy for Regulation

The RMTSMB fully supports self-regulation of Massage Therapy under the Regulated Health Professions Act of Manitoba. We are experienced advocates negotiating your future on your behalf, with knowledge and expertise to do the job.

Communication and Connection

The RMTSMB provided weekly email updates at the start of the pandemic and has continued to be members’ number one go-to source for Covid-related information. Sign up for our eNewsletter to stay connected to RMTSMB members and industry news.


The RMTSMB Board of Directors comprises working RMTs with years of administrative and advocacy experience. We are directly in touch with how local, national, and world events impact members’ work and personal lives. We draw on our on-the-ground experience to shape a modern, progressive association that truly meets RMTs needs.

One-on-One Virtual Consultation

Board members are here to support you and your practice. Contact us to request a personal consultation.

Stay Connected

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