Application/Renewal Process

Application/Renewal Process


Application/Renewal Process

Part 1: RMTSMB Online Application Form

See Membership Types/Fees for details

  1. Complete the appropriate online application form based on Applicant Type
  2. Upload required document, if applicable
  3. Pay required fee, if applicable—Part 1 is complete!

Part 2: Insurance

See Insurance for details

Once you complete Part 1 (above):

  1. Complete the Dusyk & Barlow application form to purchase Professional and General Liability Insurance
  2. Dusyk & Barlow will email you and RMTSMB your confirmation of insurance within one week for renewals and two weeks for new members. Additional time may be required for members seeking separate policies for separate modalities*
  3. Once RMTSMB receives your confirmation of insurance from Dusyk & Barlow: RMTSMB will mail or email you a members package and RMTSMB certificate—Welcome!
  4. Part One and Two need to be completed for Therapists to have full RMTSMB membership and to access 3rd party insurers to bill direct.

Part 3: Renewals

  1. RMTSMB will send out email reminders for annual membership renewals. You may choose ‘auto-renew’ on your membership application form
  2. Dusyk & Barlow will send out separate email annual insurance renewal reminders


Find out how to obtain additional insurance coverage for modalities that fall outside of the RMTSMB authority, such as acupuncture, cupping and energy healing: Insurance >

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