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RMTS - MB Leaders are involved in every aspect of the profession – come share in the Growth and Development of the Profession as it moves toward regulation -  join us today!

RMT leaders are a credible source of regulatory information for the RMT community, 3rd party insurers, media and the general public. 

RMT leaders will speak out when required to in the best interests of practicing members. 

The RMTS-MB is the most progressive and cost effective 'Affiliation' choice you can make as a Professional RMT. 

  • Tired of high affiliation fees and no return on investment? Why pay over $600.00 to affiliate when you can do it for $299.00 per year!
  • Join Qualified RMT's that are educated to the 'National Competency Standards'  established in Canada for the Profession
  •  Benefit from professional administration and dedicated experienced volunteer leadership. A Virtual Society that keeps membership cost low!
  • Progressive approach to Continuing Competency based on 'Self Assessment' - the Ontario model.
  • Professional  and General Liability coverage of 5 million provided by Lackner McLennan who insures 85% of Canadian RMT's
  • Solid working partnerships with 3rd party insurers - claims dialogue on a daily basis. Provider status with 3rd Party Insurers!
  • RMTS-MB is the experienced 'advocate' negotiating your future on your behalf with the complete knowledge required to do the job.


RMTS-MB fully supports     'Self-Regulation' of the Massage Therapy profession under the Regulated

Health Professions Act of Manitoba. 

RMTS-MB affiliation is only $299 per year. (Pro-rated Quarterly) No administration fees. 

Free Student Membership available. 



Remedial Massage Therapists Society of Manitoba is a professional Society of Massage Therapists who practice based on National Competencies & Standards 


The RMTS - MB is professionally led by experienced RMT's and supported by Certified Association Managers.

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