Meet New Members of the RMTSMB Team!

Meet New Members of the RMTSMB Team!

The RMTSMB 'Leaders Group' has recently received the resignation of George Fraser who has served since 2015 as the Executive Director & Registrar…


Remedial Massage Therapists Society of Manitoba
Remedial Massage Therapists Society of Manitoba5 hours ago
We are so excited to launch our referral program. This comes from such a positive response to our membership give away last year.
We will now be adding a referral section to our New Member applications. New members are encouraged to let us know which RMTSMB member referred them. We will tally up the referrals annually and not only will there be a 1st prize of free 2025 membership – second price will get 75% off and 3rd will get 50% off membership.

We know that our members have great things to say about us, so we want to make sure they are rewarded.

More detailed information will be send direct to membership.


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RMTSMB is a virtual association with a volunteer Board of Directors

Our Board is made up entirely of working RMTs. We share in the day-to-day experiences of being an RMT, and draw on our expertise to support members and our industry.

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